Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prologue - Hi - Strangeness!

Today my car was stopped by a motorcycle cop, as I crossed paths with the Pope.

I was in my Honda, the Pope in the backseat of a police-flanked black Mercedes, Vatican flag flying on the bonnet. While they escorted him to the Presidential Palace, I attempted to dodge traffic on my way to work, late for my new job at the abortion clinic. Irony has always played a big part in my life. I reflected on the bizarreness of the moment.

The bizarre and unusual dominates my life these days. But thinking about it, I realise that this is no new phenomenon, I’ve encountered the weird and fantastic throughout my life, and seeing the Pope at the traffic lights was nothing compared to recollections of my past, my brushes with the rich, famous, and infamous, and the incredible way life pulls me in unexpected directions.

It’s difficult to know where to begin. Contemplating the task of randomly documenting some of these strange events is not easy. To relieve the pressure I’ve started to write a list of some of the topics I may cover.

This is autobiographical, a memoir if you like. It’s the truth of how I remember things, looking back at those interesting times of ‘high-strangeness’.

I could suggest that you use my stories as light relief, perhaps as an antidote to the shocking revelations you encounter as you delve into the mindboggling world of synchronicity and synchromysticism.

N.B. People who don’t know me think that I make this stuff up… my friends know me well, and so they know it’s the strange undeniable truth!

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