Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Predictive Programming... or

Brooklyn Bridge Collapse (Movie) 
Pacific Rim


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Moment lightening strikes the bridge in Genoa... 'Oh God, Oh God!'

Not The Meg, but MegaShark
Bridge collapses also depicted in Superman, The Core, Terminator Salvation, Star Trek and even in Call of Duty! 

The Silver Bridge disaster

Silver Bridge and Mothman?

Are we all just wandering into the ...Land of the Lost


Penny said...

Hi Marie:

I hope you are feeling better now?
Read your earlier comment that you'd been hospitalized?
Oh, dear?

Have you ever heard Anthony Peake talk about the circularity of time- It's interesting and may explain synchs

Check out legalise freedom- two recent interviews there that I listened to---

as for the commenter who didn't take your questioning well???

That's their issue to deal with. It's fair to ask questions. Always.

btw marie you wanna talk synchronicity

a bridge was in my captcha thingie- much like the Morandi bridge

... said...

Hi Penny

Thanks so much for your comment - yep, unfortunately I am now being plagued 'out of the blue' by health issues - I guess it was bound to start to hit me soon! I#m feeling ok but not out of the woods yet as they say.

Love anything to do with Synchronicity! Thats SO weird about the bridge (lol)