Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Vaccine Veracity ... or the Oxford AstraZeneca Eugenics & Money Making Machine


She's no Marie Curie... Prof. Sarah Gilbert one of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine creators.

He's no Louis Pasteur ... Prof. Adrian Hill who enthused about almost having the vaccine ready in July 2020

CEO of AstraZeneca, Pascal Soriot... stands to make rather a lot of money but of course, it's at cost! 

The Constant Gardener (2005) staring Rachel Weisz based on John Le Carre novel of the same name based on true events surrounding the covert testing of vaccines in Africa (that's a VERY basic synopsis - great movie worth watching right now!)
Francis Galton of Eugenics fame of which 'The Galton Institute' has renamed it's self.

Here is a link to a must-read article explaining a lot about why they want you to accept the Covid-19 Vaccines 'at any cost'!

Friday, August 21, 2020

A Killing Season – How Belief in Covid-19 Destroyed the World


01/05/2020 - Denmark passed an emergency law that allows for the government to force people to take a vaccine for coronavirus.

The emergency law gives authorities sweeping powers to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and will remain in force until March 2021.

Citizens who refuse to be tested for the coronavirus will face fines and potential prison time, and will be prevented from entering shops, grocery stores, public institutions and hospitals while also being restricted from using public transport.

“As well as enforcing quarantine measures, the law also allows the authorities to force people to be vaccinated, even though there is currently no vaccination for the virus,” reports the Local.

Copenhagen University law professor Jens Elo Rytter said the new measures were “certainly the most extreme since the Second World War.”

The initial draft of the law was even more draconian and would have allowed police to enter private homes without a warrant if there was a suspicion of a coronavirus infection.

However, this measure was dropped after opposition from other parties in the Parliament.

To Everything There Is a Season

To everything there is a season,

and a time for every purpose under heaven:

a time to be born and a time to die,

a time to plant and a time to uproot,

a time to kill and a time to heal,

a time to break down and a time to build,

a time to weep and a time to laugh,

a time to mourn and a time to dance,

a time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together,

a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,

a time to search and a time to count as lost,

a time to keep and a time to discard,

a time to tear and a time to mend,

a time to be silent and a time to speak,

a time to love and a time to hate,

a time for war and a time for peace.   Ecclesiastes 3

I enjoy reading my horoscope, it gives me hope and a mild feeling of optimism that somehow, the lack of control of destiny experienced daily, is just part of the plan. I don’t believe it’s an accurate foretelling of my future but it’s interesting to use in hindsight.

This year’s reads like a dream…

“You need to be ready for changes. Observing the tiny details of life will help you overcome all problems in 2020!”

For everything there is a season, and it seems we are living through that season of Pandemonium. Was this predicted do you think? It may have been, eons ago. Today it seems inevitable. We didn’t see it coming, but it was on its way and nothing was going to stop it.

IS our future written, can we change our destiny? Age-old questions that occupy some minds. We can be the catalyst of our fate, I guess. But do we really have control of anything or is it just the ‘illusion’ of control… as things keep moving to their pre-ordained destination.

Did we ever stop to think that our way of life might change at the blink of an eye?

Call it a PlanDemic or the new ‘Abnormal’ if you prefer. We now find ourselves slaves to a real ‘Beast System’. What happened to the world? Why is this happening now? All rational explanations have long gone out the window.

Do we have some shadow government or elite controllers to blame for population reduction? Are their evil schemes coming to fruition in front of our eyes? IS there really a ‘Covid-19’ virus killing people around the globe? Where are the bodies buried/cremated (there are barely any funerals in my local area)? Where are the people who know people who’ve died of it… the ones that aren’t nurses or in a retirement/care home for the elderly?

Does testing make a difference? Does isolating make a difference? Does wearing a mask matter? Will alcohol gel kill 99.9% of germs, or should we volunteer for a fast-track Bill Gates approved vaccine trial with 20-page disclaimer forms to sign?

Does hugging our Grandfather mean we might kill him? Should children play in plastic bubbles in the school yard ‘just in case’? Is going to the supermarket with a slight cough or temperature actually as dangerous as the government says?

I have to work from home as my employer demands or else lose my position. They’re still trying to find me a laptop so (in order not to break the law) they allow me to work from the office. Dare I question this?

I can shop at the few shops left on my high street, but I am not allowed to try anything on. I can buy it, bring it into my possibly infected home and then return it to the shop for quarantine. The same goes for shopping on-line. The jacket I like will need to be put in isolation if I return it. Should I bother to shop at all, especially as some people in town are actively not wearing masks in defiance of the law? Although it’s okay if you’re at a demonstration, especially in central London. I’m not sure if it depends on what you’re demonstrating though. I’m wondering about this! Questions, questions, and more questions.

Now let’s look at the silver lining to all this, many people I speak with on the subject are happy to go along with the status-quo. Some of their reasoning…

1)    The good thing about shopping online is that Covid-19, or just plain Coronavirus, as it’s now being called exclusively by the media, doesn’t stick to packages. What a relief.

2)    Oh, and it’s okay to go to the local swimming baths, because you can swim without a mask. You can use the same pool as other members of the public because everyone is using gel etc before they get in the water.

3)    You can get your face and eyebrows done at the beauticians because they’re wearing those face-shields, same goes for the dentist now.

4)    It is also okay to order take out food, and now sit in restaurants, as long as you give your name, address, and contact number. You cannot see the state of the kitchens, nor see if staff are adhering to the ‘rules’ so you have to eat-out in faith. It’s a gamble but the government is giving discounts to consumers. That’s nice of them because the hospitality sector needs customers.

5)    Masks are a good idea because it stops you from getting a virus or if you have the virus but have no symptoms at all and feel 100% well, you won’t give it to someone else without knowing it. They say this is called ‘shedding’. SO, you might be shedding for weeks and not know it. You might even have anti-bodies because you had the virus without knowing it, it cleared up, and you are now immune. This is good because the local doctor’s surgery has now closed down. But it’s okay they say as you can register online and speak to an ‘advisor’ who is ‘clinically’ trained to assist you. We will definitely have the Covid Jab and the Flu Jab this year, because it’s the only way to stop coronavirus.

6)    Unfortunately we had to cancel our summer holidays this year as most countries of the world have quarantine rules when you get there, so that’s 2 weeks lost, and coming back again means you would have to quarantine on arrival home. So that’s a double-quarantine period and our employer frowns on that, which is a shame. We hope to go next year, but we can still visit Scotland or Ireland for a weekend.

7)    If you do lose your employment you are entitled to claim benefits from the government so you need to keep proof of everything, and it might take a while to receive any funds. But at least they are helping the population, especially as there were loads of companies that collapsed, laid off all their staff, or went bankrupt and everyone was made redundant. There are a lot of people in need, so we have to be patient.  

8)    We’re looking forward to going to the cinema again once it opens. The first blockbuster is the movie ‘Tenent’ by director Christopher Nolan. It’s about time-travel and a rogue government agent that tries to stop the end of the world. Can’t wait to see it.

 For pity’s sake…. Wake up people WAKE UP!!

 I will continue to add more ridiculous arguments for the New World Order’s destruction of humanity to this post as I find them. It will probably be the longest blog post I’ll write, and the last.

 Latest crazy Covid-19 News:

Your dog may suffer depression due to your return to the office as he's gotten use to you being at home again!

All that mosquito bug spray that you bought for your holiday abroad won't go to waste. SKY News Breaking says that Porton Down Scientists (the top Biolab that brought you Novichok antidote) say that they have isolated a common chemical found in your bug-spray which 'blocks' Coronaviruses - but not specifically Covid-19 yet!


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Black, White, Other... Racism for the Masses

Killer Mike - a DJ from Atlanta talking about the murder of George Floyd
Do I need some TV news channel “Explaining the Minneapolis Riots” to me?
No Justice, No Peace, I Can’t Breathe, Taking the Knee
You say unless I’m an immigrant in America this means nothing to me?
I’ve seen the brutality against minorities which are really majorities with no power,
It’s about Hate and Ego,
It’s the ‘I’m better than you, so GO!’
It’s about prejudice and ignorance,
“I don’t understand why you’re so different!”
It’s about ‘them and us’, so, “YOU sit at the back of the bus!”
It’s about commerce and getting rich – That’s the proto-Aristocracy’s Bitch.
Someone’s always got to be on top, that’s why Communism was blocked.
Jim Crow was a liar, but we don’t talk about that.
No one is Equal, but everyone’s Racist, we’re all the same, living from our basest.
Discrimination is a dirty word, the media sells you a lie that you’re not part of the herd, while your government keeps you ignorant.
Won’t stick out your arm and take your medicine? Then put on your facemask because they’re using kerosene. Minneapolis, Minnesota is the straw that broke the camel’s back, fear keeps the masses on attack, there’s no turning back to how things use to be.
My forefathers lived with the mantra ‘Never Forget’, like this somehow meant change was gonna come, you wanna bet? The Turks still cut their throats and the British hanged them. Now the Chinese Government shoots, and Saudi Arabia backs them.
Black Lives Matter, of course they do, all Life Matters, but for who? Without education, health, justice, peace, worker rights, the freedom to dream, and the freedom to choose, what have you got left to lose… except Killing your Masters before they kill you!
First performance poem in a long while - apologies for any offence but this is the mood right now!

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Significance of R 0

Dr Strangelove (1964)
The ‘R’ is down! said UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson yesterday. He was talking about the nCOVID-19 transmission numbers, so we’re not out of lockdown yet.

‘R’ is significant you see.

Now that ‘R’ has come into its own, I thought it would be interesting to revisit the causes that led to its significance, in these days of unnerving, unpredictable, weirdness. I started thinking about what ‘R’ really is again.

Over the years, I’ve been asked several times what ‘The Significance of R’ means, or rather how I came about the name. Not sure if I’ve answered that effectively.

I chose ‘R U Significant’ for my Twitter handle without really thinking too deeply about it. I was trying to twist The Significance of R into something ‘understandable’. I could have used U R Significant, but I’ve never been one for the melodramatic although some may disagree.

Way, way back in the hazy days of a noughties Cypriot winter, I use to listen to a myriad of podcasts from International Sync Bloggers and documentary makers, to American ‘progressive’ writers and thinkers. That was when the ‘trooth’ movement and all the crap with Alex Jones really started to take off.

Call it subliminal or whatever you like, the letter ‘R’ kept appearing all over the place, and came up in discussions about mysticism, and the significance of ‘things’, often including the letter ‘R’. So much so that one day I was walking to work and tripped on something in the doorway. Looking down, wondering what it was, I picked up a plastic transparent letter ‘R’ that had fallen off a noticeboard and into the street! A strange realisation set in, sort of how the number ‘23’ seems to trigger people.

You will know by now, if you’ve read some of my blog posts, that I’ve covered an eclectic mix of the strange and weird over the years. These include my own personal experiences of the ‘unknown’, I’ve divulged on news headlines that touched me, ranging from things like film festivals, abortions, and even international terrorism. I’ve also been approached several times to be told about events that would bring the end of the world, and whether I’d like to cover them on my blog, or whether I’d like to syndicate my posts to ‘far-right’ sites similar to Breitbart!

It appears I am a soft touch after all, although I am not about to do any of the above, unless of course, there is significant monetary incentive for me to do so… I digress…

Never thought of myself as far right, more like ‘far-out-there’. I don’t follow a ‘side’ or see myself as a ‘warrior for a cause’. I’m just looking for some sanity in (what now appears to be very much) the insane world we’re living in. As ‘Judge Judy’ says (who I am forced to watch whenever I spend time with my elderly mother) “If something doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true!” That’s what the Significance of ‘R’ is, it’s the element of truth that eludes us, only popping up out of the ether on occasion to surprise us with its presence.  

Just because you cover a subject, talk about it, ask questions about it, offer opinions about it, doesn’t automatically mean you subscribe to its ethos. I like watching documentaries about ‘Big-Foot’ for example. However, I’m not about to go out hunting for one. Naturally, if someone comes out and says they saw one wearing a t-shirt with a huge letter ‘R’ on the front, well…

“R is everything”, said a Channel 4 news journo yesterday, after Boris’ mentioned the figures. I have to agree with this statement. Keep questioning and looking for the ‘R’… you may learn something you never imagined. 

It’s a mathematical term... R0 indicates how contagious an infectious disease is. It’s also referred to as the reproduction number. As an infection spreads to new people, it reproduces itself. R 0 tells you the average number of people who will catch a disease from one contagious person.

For more information on what R0 is and how it's calculated, here's a good article, a bit out of date now but worth the read 

Ra Ancient Egyptian Sun God depicted with the Eye of Ra Sun Disc

Friday, March 20, 2020

Coronavirus - THE FUTURE New World Order IS NOW!

China Virus (I apologise in advance)
Well here it is folks, the much posited and reviled New World Order courtesy of a bio-hazard ‘contagion’ straight out of a Hollywood script writer's MAC. Coronavirus aka Novel COVID-19. That’s a new strain of a virus in a ‘family of viruses’ which cause things like a cold. They’ve been around a while, but we now have a new one (Novel) ‘Corona Virus Disease’, found in 20(19).

Like some, I do enjoy a good bio-hazard movie, Dustin Hoffman in ‘Outbreak’ (1995) was particularly good, as was Bruce Boxleitner in Contagion (2002 version), and 28 Days Later (also 2002 and far superior) with Cillian Murphy. There’s also ‘The Cassandra Crossing’ (1976). Universally panned by the critics, with its host of Hollywood greats, this particular movie had a bio-hazard background but was also a runaway train disaster movie that bombed at the box office. Ironically it made good money in Japan, can you see why?
The Cassandra Crossing (1976) A Sync messenger of doom? (See Twilight Language)
Back to the real strange and scary world for a moment…Yes, fear has gripped the world as nearly all of us realise the unthinkable suddenly is anything but. Falling through that instance in time. When was it exactly? About two weeks ago? Into some parallel universe, where all those sci-fi movies suddenly became non-fiction. We find ourselves collectively stuck in a moment where we thought we knew everything but know nothing at all. Prediction is pointless as the nightmare is suddenly lucid in the daytime. The terror is tangible, the panic, tactile. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Not to sound alarmist, Okay! Too late, I guess. Next week my government is sending out ‘letters’ to the vulnerable health system registered people of England to confirm if they should self-isolate. Failure to comply to your ‘notice’ means the powers-that-be now have the power to ‘arrest and detain’ in a venue of their choosing. Sound familiar?
Empty streets in your area now
Falling into this alternate reality, where all those disaster movies came true, means that civil unrest could also be part of the package. There were some instances of criminals targeting supermarkets yesterday evening, but only a few so far in London. Reading the latest news alerts and seeing that in the US there’s a ‘run on Guns’, and reports from many sources, of the military moving vehicles (and troops) in convoy via the M4 motorway near Bristol at night, makes you wonder.
Empty supermarket shelves coming to a town near you
Greta and her climate change screaming did nothing to save the planet, (She was here about two weeks ago also, shouting about something again) but some of the key messages we’re now having to following, like no flying, no travelling, etc. Staying at home to reduce our carbon footprint? It didn’t quite work out the way she hoped, did it? 
Faux paid for Climate Activist Greta Thunberg having a whale of a time in Bristol Feb. 2020
Financial Collapse – well, this beats all the models with forecasts of a 30s style recession heading our way this summer, companies collapse in droves and Boris and Trump keep throwing money at it like a coked-up Chinese Tech. CEO in a Moscow strip-club.

Remember Novichok? Now that was a great test of our resilience, especially here in the west country… Porton Down (the oldest chemical warfare installation in the world) apparently helping with the Coronavirus cure effort. Nice of them.
Testing, testing, testing, are YOU ready to take the test?
Do you like your ELE (Extinction Level Event) disaster stories to come in three’s? Well, Asteroid (52768) 1998 OR2 is on course to make a close approach to Earth on April 29th. Classed as a ‘potentially hazardous’ rock (just a name really) it’s not expected to have much impact on the planet, but the doom-seekers will say otherwise, naturally.

What’s number three? Oh, it’s earthquakes of course. Magna, west of Salt Lake City, Utah, has been experiencing unprecedented levels of aftershocks (a big swarm) following the 5.7 magnitude earthquake Wednesday. The last thing anyone wants to hear is that San Francisco, California, is shaking, or these swarms are increasing, especially anywhere near the Yellowstone Caldera for example, because if that suffers a catastrophic collapse, COVID-19 will mean nothing at all, it’s Sayonara everybody!
Peek-a-boo, this is not a joke. No, seriously, it isn't. It's a conspiracy of some proportion, but not a joke!
When I worked in the Middle East, a while ago now, you use to be able to buy surgical face-masks (made in China) at your local supermarket for two euros. It always seemed strange and ridiculous to me then, but I bought them for my asthma, so I could clean-up dust around the house. I lived through water and power-cuts and threats of war, but this time around it’s different. Seeing panic buying on the scale it is today in a Western country, truly unthinkable. Now all public places are closed to the public, even European borders closed, this was never imagined in my lifetime. 

Choosing to stay indoors and forfeit wages, my employer won’t pay, this is all unknown territory. Everyone is living in a state of limbo and only a thought away from being completely terrified about the future. What does it look like? I don’t earn enough to buy an electric car, never mind a robot assistant, now I doubt I ever will. Having a roof over your head and money to buy food was, for the most part, a life-stresser but manageable. At least we still have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Sky Movies to keep our minds on other things, and our freedom to use ‘Social’ media to communicate with each other… right? 

Oh, I just heard they have cancelled the Eurovision Song Contest this year… things are that bad, I guess.

Indian Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984) - Harrison fights 'Wu Han'


Tonkiri and Run Don't Walk on Twitter for some fabulous Coronavirus Syncs to really get you thinking


Run, Don’t Walk

Saturday, January 25, 2020


Looks abandoned?

 I remember my days at school, when we were forced to watch ‘The World at War’, a 1970s documentary series that our teacher believed would help seven-year olds not to forget about the Nazis and the second world war. School also taught us about the first world war, about the trenches, the mustard gas, the gas masks, the mines, the tanks, and the German ‘Hun’. It also made sure we knew that millions of soldiers died a horrible death to save us. 

Writer/Director Sam Mendez (Skyfall/Spectre amongst many) has managed an astonishing feat with his latest cinematic offering. By adding to the annuals of war movie history, his film ‘1917’ brings those 70s child-hood classroom horror stories agonisingly to life for the 21st century. 

We know that war is hell there’s no argument, and our fascination with it, endless. Mendez knows this too, as he drags us like a warped holiday-ride attraction, through the battle lines of no-man’s land. 

On the surface, the story is a simple one, Lance Corporal Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Lance Corporal Schofield (George MacKay) have been set a goal by their commanding officer (Colin Firth in low-lit perfection). It could be medals or death. They have no idea what they are about to face, no one does, but they are not the architects of their fate, war will dictate that for them. Mirroring a sort of Odyssey quest, they seemingly overcome hurdles through sheer naivety.
It’s a war ravaged 1917 springtime landscape, where the cherry blossoms shed their petals onto the decomposing corpses of men littering the French countryside, as rats scamper about and peril lurks in the shadows. This film wasn’t conceptualized on a Dorset rifle range where CEOs spend weekends shooting paintballs for teambuilding. It’s edge-of-your-seat action-drama stuff, and then some.
What appears outstandingly like a continuous tracking shot, the action seems to have been filmed in one take. Often, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting on the shoulders of the protagonists as they splash their way through the muddied alleyways of the trenches, attempting to reach the front line and not knowing what they will encounter around the next corner. 
Outside of its ‘war’ genre, 1917 is an exceptional film, particularly for its technical production.  With sound, music, and editing, fuelling an experience of ‘being there’, it’s the Cinematographer Roger Deakins who should bag one of the ten Oscars it’s been nominated for. The film hasn’t been forgotten this awards season and is full throttle for bagging the main gong; ‘Best Film’. It might just get it. 
1917 is a stunning visual masterpiece of film making that is more than a war film. Keep an eye out for some of your favourite actors too, (Bodyguard anyone?) putting in their cameos, because that's what they are. The main feature IS the visual spectacle of the film - the entity itself! Highly recommended, especially for those who love drama and war movies but still understand the futility of it. Remember to pack plenty of water, and maybe a tissue. 

Writer / Director: Sam Mendez

Co. Writer: Krysty Wilson-Cairns

Cinematographer: Roger Deakins

Music: Thomas Newman

Editing: Lee Smith

Production Design: Dennis Gassner

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Fantastic Mr Fox!

Actor, singer-songwriter, and critical thinker Laurence Fox
It's awards season, and anyone that knows what I'm like around this time of year, knows that all I talk about is movies. However, 2020 is turning out to be a very different year.

My latest flame goes by the name of Laurence Fox. I apologise for my 'gushing' all over this British (mostly tv) icon, but he's really got people red faced, if not hot under the collar, with his latest TV appearances.

He's becoming quite the talking-point with his 'un-woke' comments on BBCs recent 'Question Time' (political chat) programme, and his subsequent interviews grabbing most of the headlines (let's not mention the Duchess of Deception Megs right now) and riding on the tail of controversy for click-bait and print coverage.

What I've liked the most about the recent talking points on his comments about racism and 'white privilege' is that there is someone in the Arts that still appears to have his own mind, no brain-transplanted... yet! He says what he thinks and makes no apologies. You gotta hand it to him, that's very risky behaviour in this climate of 'woke' aka 'brain washing of the masses'. Straying from the accepted narrative of 'all normal people think...', gets you into serious shit these days. The powers-that-be don't want you rocking boats and really waking them up! 

The Fantastic Mr Fox's Wiki page goes someway to explain why I like him:

Fox is the third of the five children of actor James Fox and Mary Elizabeth Piper. His father James was the son of Robin Fox, a theatrical agent, who married Angela Muriel Darita Worthington, daughter of the playwright Frederick Lonsdale. Laurence Fox was born in 1978 in Yorkshire. At the age of 13 he was enrolled at Harrow School at which point he was, as he later recalled, "shy around women, sensitive and a bit naïve".

Although he made friends and liked the drama teacher, he hated the school's strict regimen and felt despised and out of place among pupils with titles and wealth. 
Constantly in trouble for smoking, fighting, going into town and seeing girls, he was expelled a few weeks before his A-levels. According to him, "It was something to do with a girl at a dance. I went back to take the exams, but I wasn't allowed to speak to anyone." With hindsight, Fox has said that his experience at Harrow enabled him to portray "toffs" – the upper-class boys looking down on him and whom he disliked – with much insight and cynicism.

He later told an interviewer that despite doing well in his A-level examinations he was unable to obtain a place at any university, because of a report about him from Harrow. After working as a gardener for two years, and a stint as an office worker which he loathed, he discovered that he preferred acting and enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). During his time there he appeared in numerous theatre productions, including the lead roles of Gregers Werle in Ibsen's The Wild Duck, Marcus Andronicus in Titus Andronicus, and Stephen Daedalus in an adaptation of James Joyce's novel Ulysses. 

However, he was disappointed to find that, as an "Old Harrovian", he was treated "like a nonce". He made himself more unpopular by being outspoken and taking on stage and movie roles in his second and third years despite this practice being banned by the academy. One of these was his first break into film – the horror-thriller The Hole (2001). Fox feels that in landing the role his name "probably helped – it's a combination of timing, luck and contacts". Nonetheless, "the name opens some doors, but then you have to show you can do the job".
Someone said he'd make a nice James Bond, I agree, but then I would!
If you'd like to know more there's plenty here:

That other Mr Fox, less cuddly though!